Action for Peace and Development in the Philippines

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Action for Peace and Development in the Philippines

In Defence of Life - Interviews

A new interview series featuring leading ecological justice activists and thinkers from around the world, including Nnimmo Bassey, Vandana Shiva, Sister Stella Matutina, Mariana Gomez and Stephan Harding


In Defence of Life follows the struggles and triumphs of four communities resisting large-scale mining projects in Colombia, the Philippines, South Africa and Romania.

In Didipio, Philippines, local people are rallying against Australian-Canadian mining company OceanaGold. In just three years the company has turned what was once Didipio’s Dinkiday Mountain into a 371-metre-deep pit in its search for gold and copper. In Defence of Life reveals how locals are coming together to say ‘Palayasin!’ (Get out!) to the company, as they aim to prevent future mine expansion and force the multinational out.



Mining permit renewal slammed

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OceanaGold renews mining permit

BAGABAG, Nueva Vizcaya: Deputy Speaker Carlos M. Padilla has strongly condemned the issuance by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) of a five-year mining exploration permit extension to an Australian mining firm.

Padilla has joined the indigenous and farming communities and their support groups in the province in their demand for an explanation from the MGB for extending the exploration permit OceanaGold Philippines Inc. (OGPI).


Protest at Kidapawan Massacre of farmers in the Philippines

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If you are in Sydney … Protest at Kidapawan Massacre of farmers in the Philippines

What does the Philippine National Police do to desperate farmers who are asking for emergency food? .........It shoots them !!!!

Just a few days ago, at about Member of the rally held at Kidapawan lies injured after police fired on farmers and their families who were asking for the release of emergency food just a few days ago.10am on Friday April 1, Philippines National Police opened fire with M16s on 5-6,000 farmers and their families, who were protesting on the highway for the release of emergency food supplies, following crop failure from the El Nino weather event in the last cropping season. The Provincial Governor had approved the distribution of 15,000 bags of rice, but none of it had been issued to the hungry population. March 29 is the Global Day of the Landless, and the farmers gathered on March 30 to call for the rice distribution.


Consulate Served with Kidapawan Protest Letter

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Today a protest letter was handed to the Philippine Consulate in Sydney by representatives of the following organisations:

Australian Chapter: Australian Council of Trade Unions; Maritime Union of Australia, Victorian Branch; SEARCH Foundation; Philippines Australia Union Link; Action for Peace & Development in the Philippines, Migrante Australia

The letter expressed outrage at the gunning down of peaceful protesters by members of the Philippine National Police at Kidapawan in Mindanao on 1 April 2016.

The protest letter can be downloaded here. Kidapawan Protest Letter



OceanaGold tries a new approach in El Salvador

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From  Miningwatch Canada news that OceanaGold is trying a new strategy to establish its gold mine in El Salvador

(Ottawa/Washington/Melbourne)  A new study finds that OceanaGold’s attempt to rebrand its proposed gold mine in El Salvador through the use of a company-sponsored foundation at the local level is deceitful, disrespectful and dangerous.

Mining, Corporate Social Responsiblity, and Conflict: OceanaGold and the El Dorado Foundation in El Salvador, published by the Institute for Policy Studies and MiningWatch Canada, will be presented at OceanaGold’s office in Melbourne on Thursday, the 36th anniversary of the murder of Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero.

“Designed to whitewash the company’s image and undermine opposition to a proposed gold mine in Cabañas, the activities of the El Dorado Foundation contradict the country’s decision not to permit metal mining and risk reawakening a conflict that has already cost several people their lives,” remarks Professor Stuart Kirsch, one of the authors and an anthropologist at the University of Michigan with two decades of experience studying mining conflicts.
Canadian-Australian mining company OceanaGold is suing El Salvador for US$250 million at a World Bank tribunal when the company failed to obtain a mining permit for which it never met regulatory requirements. Three successive Salvadoran presidents have committed not to issue new mining permits, while a 2015 opinion poll found that opposition to metal mining is nearly 79.5% nationwide and 83.9% in municipalities affected by the proposed project.
Between 2009 and 2011, four local environmental activists were murdered in Cabañas. Since then, several local organizations have also received threats These crimes have never been fully investigated.

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